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In order to better serve the growing markets, FTDI Chip founded a new company, Bridgetek. Headquartered in Singapore, the new company has branch offices in both Glasgow and Taipei, allowing it to quickly respond to customers’ needs worldwide.
BRIDGETEK products in our offer
¿Necesita ayuda?
  • the multi-award winning Embedded Video Engine (EVE) implemented in FT800 family of graphic controllers, which enable engineers to design sophisticated human machine interface (HMI)
  • it allows to connect graphic TFT display to every microcontroller with SPI interface
  • performance-optimized microcontrollers of FT900 family
¿Lo sabía?
You don't need to be a programmer to design a fully functional HMI. EVE ScreenDesigner (ESD) 3.x will do all the programming work for you and you can focus on the visual design.
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